Defect Elimination

Pipeline Integrity

At Rysco Integrity when it comes to Defect Elimination, Root Cause Analysis and historical data trending we are at the top of the game.

In most cases companies complete some form of analysis after a failure, but failure analysis should only be one piece of a bigger defect elimination program. Companies should be looking at historical data to determine if the failures are sporadic or chronic and have some processes in place to attempt to prevent future occurrences. This should include data capture, thresholds that trigger actions and documented follow-up requirements to ensure that action is taken.


What do you do for defect elimination?

Our affiliated companies have an in-house lab and have access to robust failure analysis lab facilities. Our expertise of corrosion mechanisms, along with the analysis, provides excellent results for existing issues or how to mitigate future defects.

Do you have experience with bacteria?

Yes, we have extensive bacterial experience from down hole bug formation to well start upsets and pipeline bacteria related corrosion (MIC).

Is defect elimination the same as failure analysis?

No, “Defect Eliminations" analyses the defect and implements corrective actions to prevent future defects.  “Failure Analysis" is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of failure.