Project Management

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity

Project Management Services include – Full Turnkey Project Support, 3rd Party Crossing or Excavation Representation and Cost Management Critical Path.

Project Management is the practice of initiating the project, to controlling it and then closing out and signing off. Working with various teams of personal and vendors to meet the pre-determined goals or criteria all within an allotted time and budget window.

Rysco Integrity Services’ extensive turnkey project management background ensures that you don’t have to worry about any details. We have managed projects from small third-party pipeline crossing witness to large scale ILI pipeline inspections programs.

A successful project manager must simultaneously manage the four basic elements of a project. These elements are interrelated.

1. Scope. This involves the project’s size, goals and requirements.

2. Resources. You need people, equipment and materials in place.

3. Time. This isn’t just all about how long the project will take, it will be broken down in the duration of the tasks and critical path.

4. Money, money, money! As with everything in today’s society and the energy sector is no different, A good project manager must have a firm grasp on the associated costs, contingencies, and profit to the client.


We are looking to conduct an In-Line Inspection program; can you look after it?

Yes, we have managed large and small full turnkey inspection programs.

What other type of projects does Rysco Integrity Services look after?

We can conduct field level integrity proving inspections for audit support.

What about third party crossing support programs?

Yes, we have looked after third party crossings or same rights of way line exposure excavations..