Safe Operating Limits

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity

Integrity means ensuring a pipeline and all its associated equipment are operating properly.

The physical integrity of equipment is designed to operate within certain limits. At some prescribed interval, companies should review the safe operating limits (SOL) of their equipment and ensure that all of the required safeguards are in place and are consistent with current design. This requires a thorough review of equipment in service, it’s design parameters, current protection systems, and alarm functions. The intent of a SOL review is to ensure that no changes have been made to a system that would allow it to operate outside the designed operating conditions.


What are you referring to when you reference Safe Operating Limits and Alarm Management?

The use of an automated system can be helpful for Operations, so that their time can be efficiently focused on the most important issues in what could potentially be a long list of alarms or notifications. 

How would you support our Operations staff with respect to Safe Operating Limits and Alarm Management?

One potential support function that we can provide is an audit of the safe limits of operating equipment to ensure that the limit values are within the safety and compliance envelope. 

Why is it important to understand Safe Operating Limits and Alarm Management?

Safe Operating Limits and Alarm Management allows Operators to quickly determine their system’s current condition relative to what is considered safe, and what is considered an alarm.