Management of Change [MOC]

Pipeline Integrity

At Rysco Integrity Management of Change is a systematic approach to an organizations goal.

Management of change (MOC) is a systematic approach to dealing with the transition or transformation of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies. In Canada, CSA Z662 outlines a process for management of change that energy producers should adhere to. Rysco Integrity Services follows that outline and cater to our client’s needs and expectations, as the MOC process can involve company representatives, employees or vendors.

In Canada, many entities (AER, ABSA, CSA) require companies to have some form of MOC process to effectively manage changes to existing systems. The intent being to ensure that all changes meet original design requirements and/or that changes are approved by appropriate personnel (interested parties). In many cases, these systems are nonexistent or inefficient in the manner in which they are used. There is an opportunity to offer support in:

-Reviewing and providing recommendations on the functionality of existing programs.
-Designing and implementing a MOC system as required.
-Training staff on existing MOC processes or new implementations.

Management of Change Procedures [MOC] are in place any time there is a change in process.

Are you familiar with the Change Management Process?

We are very familiar with the Change Management process and offer training to make sure the process is clear and understood.

What metrics do you use to implement a change in process?

CSA Z662 outlines a process for management of change producers and we adhere to it.

How will change management help our organization?

If you don’t already have a change management process, it can help streamline and itemize what and who is responsible for each process.