Operating/Maintenance Procedures

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity

Operating and Maintenance Procedures include – Operational Excellence / Best Practice, Pipeline Integrity Operational Procedures.

Similar to MOC most programs require that there are procedures in place that instruct staff how to operate and maintain equipment, to ensure that it is operated safely and it’s integrity is not compromised. For example, ABSA requires that startup and shut down procedures be available at operating sites. In a lot of cases it is my experience that procedures are not written with the end user in mind and become obsolete very quickly. Companies should review their procedures on a regular basis and have an effective program to ensure they are current and relevant. In addition, processes need to be in place to ensure that staff competency is managed effectively and that it includes verification on all the critical procedures.


Why do you need new procedures when things work good here the way they are?

Good operating procedures help train new personnel and possibly help experienced personnel see things in a different light.

Do you help us train us in new or revamped procedures?

We offer training on all our procedures and make sure they are clear and understood.

I'm a new operator but I don't want to rock the boat. What if I have an idea on how to perform something better?

We listen to eneryone at all levels that are involved with the procedures, no discrimination.