Facility Inspections

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity

Facility inspections are paramount to address issues and safety concerns that operations might oversee on a daily  basis.

There can be times where the staff of a company are too close the facilities that they manage, and complacency occurs. An external review of these facilities may identify deficiencies that facility staff have grown accustomed to or have learned to work around.

-Well/Facility inspections focused on safety, environmental and compliance concerns.
-Pigging facilities review that identifies any safety concerns from an operability perspective along with maintenance requirements.
-Pre audits to address issues prior to regulatory audits. (AER/ABSA)
-Compliance review. On a monthly basis staff are required to document operational parameters that demonstrates regulatory compliance or due diligence. On some frequency companies should conduct a review of these requirements and ensure they are being met and effective and efficient.


Why do we need to have a facility inspection?

Governing boards require facility inspections to be completed, and at times, people get complacent in the workplace. Consequently,  it’s good to have an outside source looking at things through a different lens.

Is this something our already overburdened operations personnel are going to have to complete overtime?

The majority of the monthly  facility inspections are tasks they should already be conducting, but if they are overburdened, we can help or complete the inspections for them.

What is the positive outcome of having regular facility inspections?

Deficiencies, whether they range from operating to safety could be identified that might get overlooked on a regular basis.